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Training a dog is more about 'Being' than 'Doing' or 'Saying'

On this site you will find out a little about me, my  gundogs, other dogs that play a large part in my life and all you want to know about my concepts and methods of how to train the working gundog; how I came to these conclusions and links to other on-line resources. I also believe that the early basic training which you will find explained here applies to any dog that is going to be a well behaved member of society, no matter whether the dog is to be a companion or is to go on to do other things.

 I hope you find this site valuable and keep coming back to check as I update the content.

Happy Gundog Training!

What I aim to teach.

My aim is to teach the dog right from the beginning what is required of it - for the rest of its life. I certainly start the way I mean to go on. When very young a pup spends most of its time assessing me; what I am like regarding leadership issues; what pleases and displeases me. It also learns that I can be fun - but always 'play' is on my terms and - probably the biggest lesson any pup learns right from the beginning is that I control all resources.

 The more I have to do with a variety of breeds the less I see 'the differences'. Of course there are differences as various breeds have been bred to emphasise different needs from their handlers but these differences are less than most people believe.

Introducing my own dogs.

Courtridge Chalice of Parsifal: Alice is a working bred Golden Retriever and was born in November 2007.  She is now a full member of the picking up team and does a fantastic job.

Lady of the Wye at Parsifal: Wynnie is a black and tan working cocker and is the latest member of the family. So far she has shown me that she is a confident, happy little soul who is biddable and wants to please. Lots of training ahead of us and lots to look forward to.

Contact Us.

Mary Ward KCAI (WG*)
(Kennel Club Accredited Instructor: Working Gundogs - 'Advanced')

email: mary@parsifalgundogs.co.uk
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