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Before you can begin driving lessons you must first apply for a Provisional Licence from the DVLA. The required form can be picked up from your local Post office or you can apply online via the link on this page.

Once you have your Provisional Licence you are able to drive a car with anyone who has held a full licence for 3 years or more and who is over 21 years of age. That person must have Insurance to cover you in case of accidents.

Most people begin driving lessons with an instructor who is certified by the Driving Standards Agency. An Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), is qualified to teach people to drive to the required standard set by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) The examiners who test you are employees of the DSA.

Some additional points to note

Don't assume the cheapest lessons are the best. Find out what else you get for your money. Is there a discount for pre-payment? Do they do post-test tuition for motorway driving?


Check out how long a 'lesson' is. Some driving schools may offer lessons that are less than an hour long or make you pick up and drop off other pupils as part of your lesson.


Make sure your instructor has a green badge in the windscreen to prove they are a fully qualified Driving Standards Agency instructor. A pink licence means the instructor is a trainee and hasnít yet passed the test to show they can teach.


Check that their car has dual-controls and is in good condition and that a spare car is available in case of breakdown.

Check that your driving school can help with the theory test and buy a good theory book/CD-ROM.

Make sure your instructor keeps a record of your progress linked to the official Driving Standards Agency syllabus.


Apply for your theory test as soon as you start your lessons.


Agree with your instructor when to apply for your practical test (remember you'll need to pass your theory test first).

Take at least an hour a week, preferably two, of regular lessons with a qualified instructor. They will advise you on how much tuition you should need.

Make sure your tuition car is available for a final lesson immediately before your test.